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“With every person some-
thing new is introduced
into the world, which has
not yet existed, something
singular and unique.“

Martin Buber (1878-1965),
Jewish religious scientist and philosopher

Obstetrics is the part of my area of specialization which deals with the supervision of pregnancies, as well as the preparation, implementation, and follow-up care for births, including any possible operations that may be required. It is included within the gynecological area of medical specialization.

The full treatment care of a pregnant woman is in the hands of the gynecologists — from the confirmation of conception right down to the birth. When pregnancy is determined to have occurred, you will receive as an expectant mother a so-called mother ID pass. You will always carry this document with you as a pregnant woman over the next few weeks. In this document, all examination results and ultrasound checkups, right down to the delivery report, are included. As an expectant mother, I will accompany you over the course of the month and will oversee the course of the pregnancy with a comprehensive set of diagnostics.

I am available to you as an advisor for all questions, to provide explanations for possible risks of miscarriages and premature deliveries, to examine the health of the unborn child, give advice regarding different delivery possibilities and locations, and to also take care of you as a newly minted mother in the child delivery bed. In addition to the medical care and the practical tips, I am also especially available to you also for emotional care, and will help you to resolve any possible fears you may have during the course of your pregnancy:

96 percent of all children are born into the world healthy!